The Dilemma of Triangle

Man to 1st Woman

woman 1






Tonight I share the bed with you.

Same as every night and other nights for infinite years.

You lay whizzing rested in beasty eerie ways,

Guarded and arrogant even in deep taciturn.


Oh, I desire to strike you!

To bend the unfortunate fervour.

Hoist that hair around your neck.

Perhaps lance a sword behind the frailties back.


But of course, a thought is just a thought.

Such frivolities I cannot concur.

I’m only held by atonement born with.

And I continued to be held, despite the queered rage.


While you were once a moistened bud,

And I was once among the bees.

What is left less the comely part,

A malediction of wisdom

A megalomania among the fickle mind as I am.

Hence, I refuse to leave.


to be continued..


Chapter 8-The 13th Man


Mystery of the Unknown

Staring at my reflection, the unknown are moving in unison. I look horrible. Someone not deserving to be called human. A being I was force to give up a long time ago. And these..creatures.. were tokens to call my attention. Only fear left is waking up not knowing who I was and what I look like. No one at all to remind me. No fingerprints or identity to be savaged from tomb. The moment I woke up from grave, I made peace with fate. I need to know what these are and what they can do. Their source is indiscriminate. I relied on Elena’s judgment as far as that.

Schubert’s Ave Maria breaks quiet moment in the room. I kneel to ransack inherited possession worth more than my life. Closet looks like a simple organizer mounted with rod for hangers and layers of painted wood for clothes. One third of space is occupied by ground layer support. I pulled out a chip inserted in closet lock and thumbed in pass code. A hidden compartment slides out from bottom layer. This is what makes my job easier—simplified tools and limited essentials. A written journal is kept in the box accounting manifestation changes of Unknown. Another in a rusty old box is someone’s. There are several wigs dumped one after another, enclosed glass tubes in a rectangular jewelry box, electronic i-watch device, leather camouflage suit engraved with belt and back packet, a crooked teeth knife with cross metal carving on handle and two pairs of magnetic plates with rubber hand fitting attached to it. I started reviewing the journal in hope to further my studies.


Based on physical observation, parasite started as black spots prominent on palms, soles and subsequently to all other parts. Nature of morph varies in life cycle as it flees from one specie host to another. If larvae stage started on gastrointestinal, then it must have been something I ate, which is not the case. I’ve never eaten raw food and early stage cycle was prominent through tissue. Hence, it’s an endoparasite. I’m assuming that nourishment comes from skin tissue and muscle resulting to edema. Induced growth extended length and size to irregular and sometimes huge mass shapes. I have felt million crawlers seeping through skull resulting to momentary blindness and sea sick motion. In the case of humoral immune response towards a foreign protein, something went drastically wrong. Immunoglobulin binding particle which should mark the execution or if possible direct precipitation of foreign protein failed due to its complexity. Binding must have elicited a mutation of foreign protein establishing permanent relationship with host, or worst, it has mutated my physiology instead.

I didn’t have the luxury to collect a potent drug. Killing the parasite could leave me nothing but bones. It has replaced tissues and muscles. I bleed when cut but never get wounds. It should be given time though to synthesize a mass covering. The parasite is able to shift into another facial frame. The problem was controlling it. They sometimes have their own minds.

From a 100 percent sexual intercourse statistics, the Unknown releases a chemical substance that directly affects pituitary secretion. I can only presume that their suicidal behavior can be related to miroadenoma without sufficient evidence. I have to find a way getting access to post mortem records of victims.

Papers are laid back to its place. I have to plan out a mission intended for last tube before anything else. Elena warned me of possible failure. Such is caused by conflict of intentions. My back rests flat on the floor remembering that night preempting this fatal course.

Transformation has completed. I found Elena lying in a ratan made couch forcing every breath. I parked next, settled my head on her chest. Tears start wetting her clothes.

“Don’t. Learn to hold your emotions.” hardly saying each word. “You can’t fail Mikolai.”

“I’m scared Lola.” I sounded like a lost child.

“You don’t have to be scared. Help will come when you need them. You were made different because others have failed. Your pain.. you’ve overcome it. Now it is your strength.”

“I don’t understand,”

She coughs easing out the rasp, desperately using her time left. “ I can only say this once because you’d be on your own soon.” She sighs a deep breath once again.”Learn. Serve. Sacrifice. Love because you will. Denying it will be your weakness. Come home when your done.”


Drown in thought, my phone bells a text message. Shit! I need to get ready.

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