I’ve only started watching lectures on Introductory to Ethics under Philosophy and the first few minutes already piqued my interest with dilemma questions. A professor from Oxford gathered examples of conflicts in values among her students. She asked–how you would react if a friend inquired for your opinion on her hideous haircut. Would you say “Yuk!” or “Oh, that’s nice!”? Would you be truthful? Or be kind?

I thought of one dilemma since I was a kid—retelling a conditional truth. You be the judge and tell me the difference between, ”She hit me with a baseball bat and I hit her back with an axe” and ”She hit me with a baseball bat.”

From where I am at, the area is often hit by monsoon rains and typhoon. Despite the regularity in conditions, people couldn’t just be ready enough. Social Media becomes a humdrum pool of people needing help. Your heart peals for the earnest will to give aid. Tell me how this would sound if they write you back a thank you note that says, “We spent the money in building the house, bought some relief and clothes for the kids,” as oppose to, “We spent the money in building the house, bought some relief and clothes for the kids, while the rest on a hair cut, new cellphone, bags and shoes.”

There is one truth I know and that—I knew barely. I only see what is perceived within reach. Reason is sometimes not enough to bring us to an understanding, not even hearts bestirred by passionate logicity. Even so, our pride vociferate like a tinging smoke blinding us and others. The truth is, we would never know enough.

I wish I’ve existed when the Earth was young. My feet could wallow through eddied bounds of water and soil. My eyes could praise the towering stars through dead, yet so alive darkness. I could alienate and watch tenaciously other souls asunder by distance.

I could only assume there is much to bear when the world realizes it has known much and greed to know more. After all, we are once a walking wily beast who fed on weaknesses of animals and ailing brothers. My hope. Our only hope. Is to warn the younger ones of fib and mistakes we’ve been through. To find solace in silence and being alone. To preach and honor the will of others. To find wealth in health and fruits of hard work. To forgive and accept the grievances of conflict. To love whatever the odds are. Sought for equanimity and justice. To believe we are equal in all respects, (as an entity conceived and will expire) despite the differences in wealth, occupation, principles, experience and gender.

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