The Dilemma of Triangle

Man to 1st Woman

woman 1






Tonight I share the bed with you.

Same as every night and other nights for infinite years.

You lay whizzing rested in beasty eerie ways,

Guarded and arrogant even in deep taciturn.


Oh, I desire to strike you!

To bend the unfortunate fervour.

Hoist that hair around your neck.

Perhaps lance a sword behind the frailties back.


But of course, a thought is just a thought.

Such frivolities I cannot concur.

I’m only held by atonement born with.

And I continued to be held, despite the queered rage.


While you were once a moistened bud,

And I was once among the bees.

What is left less the comely part,

A malediction of wisdom

A megalomania among the fickle mind as I am.

Hence, I refuse to leave.


to be continued..

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