Before the Beginning..


Before the beginning, before the light and darkness, before the roots of my blood came to a form, there exist vague shapes,
and colors.. a dimension that time and space cannot define. While I’m rocked by my own despair swallowing the feelings they
call pleasure, a voice asked me to write about a dream before my eyes become poignant. What people see in this body is not
what it seems. I am bound to lose this life when thy will is done.

The comrades serve the Creator, who are in His likeness and power. And so they feel but not with great extent as that given
to humans. They play, challenge each other, love as He had taught. They fear His greatness. They grow jealous, pride, and
later on, lust when humans came to being. There’s a heinous place called prison of which no one has ever been. The suffering
repeats itself for eternity, rumor says.

A human in His likeness finally breathe as a form. Without a power, the form dies to free the soul from the sins of the
envious world. As to why they were created–such is a perfect creation that is not of angel. Without power, humans can
create.. become a master of own physicality. Humans have free will.

The sins of the mother and father were passed on to generations. It is the sin caused by an unretiring snake looking for

The snake. He was orchestrating the dawn of rebellion against the ultimate power. In the midst of such chaos, the
Creator gave birth to the last and youngest among them. The new breed is then called, Athena.

Lucifer spoke among the doubting comrades spurring a transition. “We are own power. We lead than follow. We pursue our own
destiny– the same gift acquired by low-life creatures. We must take a stand for we will take over by number. If an alliance
must be made. then we will to proclaim our infinite worth.” And so he was heard.

Ha Satan wandered the barren earth looking for humans deserving of a grace if loyalty towards the Creator persists. He found
a man named Jacob, abundant of herd, propesterous as a father to 12 young men. He found a precious heart and a solid faith
that knew less of sufferings. One by one, the herd losts its way from the inland. One by one, the young men died from
unimaginable causes. His woman fled with another man.

Jacob walked for days until he reached a lofty ridge. He then cried through the wild terrains of wind,
“Father, I have followed You. I have served with all my might. Why have you forsaken me?”

Loneliness killed his weeping heart. In the subdued corners of idle silence, calmness rendered faith. Surrendering time after
a confirmation of faith. “Father, if such is Your will, then I love until my death.” The Creator was awoken by an agonizing
whisper. As soon as Jacob jumped off the height, the water waved like cushion springing to catch his weight. Ha satan flew to
Lucifer’s side for refuge, out of fear by his deed…

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