The theory of Self versus Reality

There’s one professor in Stanford who asked what references am I getting my ideas from. I responded, “I am not a reader but an observer.” He remarked by saying I am a creator then. The fact of the matter is, orientation is based on zealotry towards pure Self. More than the socially impaired environment, main focus is to observe physicality as a separate entity outside my will and mind. The body is fed with just what it needs to get by. That includes food, water, sexual pleasures, technological commodities limited to just a laptop and internet. No phones or anything I would refer to as auxiliaries When the body behaves towards achieving fulfillment, it indulges more to experience pleasure. An addiction to pleasure overcomes rationality and will, a characteristic of Self. So we are all lost. Figuratively and literally.


It has always been a common quizzing, justifying why deny myself of pleasure. Why would someone turn down an opportunity to acquire and feel with intensity? Isn’t that irrational? If I delve into the concept of Self catapulted from a personal imaginary conceptualization, people might just regard it as falsified babbling of an antisocial.


Consider fasting as endurance to starvation. Reluctance to starve or skip meals will condition the mind to always amount to fullness. You’ll forget about the unfortunate crouched among the slum streets suffering from gastric inactivity. You will never learn to share nourishment because the body craves for that.


Consider the act of celibation. If the mind cannot endure pleasurable memory cells creeping the subconscious, I would be nothing but a slave to stimulants. I would relentlessly monetized on physical image to acquire power over others, to seduce those bounded within the sanctimonious relationship, and in the same way, be drawn towards the pit of a better strategist.


While I watch my physicality get comfortable with past behavior, the mind was startled and could only utter, “Why the fuck did you do that?” I gave away the sovereignty of willful Self under the regime of most accepted reality.


Believe that you loaned a money transacted virtually when the assets or capital where it came from never really existed. Believe that you’re kissing, holding hands, having sex virtually. Believe a world recoiled from someone else’s established reality. Believe that we are against an oppressor, fighting for our freedom, when in truth, they are fighting for the same reason. Who are we kidding?


My point being is, sacrifice is self preservation if you would consider oneself as one unit of atom creating a bigger deal of energy when joined with all others. Hence, you can create and destroy. And by destroying the others, you have destroyed yourself as a conjoining unit within a containment. It doesn’t matter if someone struck you. They have taken away the invaluable facets but never the Self. Self is the calculated seed of energy that can create life,. Not the assumed reality but Life.


In relation to the theory of love, a revision of the exposition will further bring a concrete identification of Self and how it is revived within the dynamics of perceived social system.

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