The Dangers of Unifying Social Systems

114712I hate debates. Besides the fact that it sparks throwing knives and bombs at each other’s ego, I don’t really have the patience disproving my own faith since it’s a product of experiences. No matter how they’ve designated my persona to being impervious of emotions, I am in fact an orb of turbulent emotions. The past few days, I have been in constant strain of pulling back my covers. In the process, my unsettled subconscious once again took its obvious course. My subjective viewpoint on the social systems initially discussed scales to another form of argument…

Social system’s attempt to create a universal government is outlandish. They are overwhelmed at such possibility, thinking that organization is painstaking but progressive. We have primitively resorted to war thinking that implementation of force would justify their advocacy. War is a foolish attempt to impose one’s principle on another. While mankind’s capacity to make the necessary adjustments on change cannot be underestimated, we have to be cautious that irreversible change is the root of viral cancer. If I can rearrange one prospective boundaries of power over the other, I would look at the strengths and resources based on innate characteristics than observe a neighbor. Exchange of information and resources should be committed by principle. Establishing a monetary system have gathered serious omnipotent cataclysmic results. It had driven greed among those who do not have full understanding of value. Maybe it’s just me. People have provided and offered me what could have been weighed great in monetary out of their own will. But I have been trying in years to fight desires to capitalize on strengths. I believe submitting to those urges are getting in the way for real answers.

So because we have underestimated our own strengths, the power of influence is blinded by the necessity to spy on another social system’s unique resources or information. It is cowardly and weak. A unique strength is always never applicable to another if you can figure that out. All these years, mankind has not grown. The social system is bound to complete degradation from one fall after another. The key is to know oneself. To know your enemies is gearing away from oneself. To have enemies is a waste of will and intellectual power.

Great minds have proposed the one government system for centuries. The idea is even put into practice through different models. While the goal of unification is claimed to be moralist in terms of intention–that is to eliminate the catalytic will of power over the others, the principle poses a great danger to mankind. Don’t get me wrong. I’m never in doubt of man’s intellect as far as providing resolutions. But I have doubts about their nature. In fact, all organizational principles would have been ideal in all respects if it had not been deemed susceptible to mankind’s nature. The ideology, no matter how noble it is, cannot be sustained within the power of influence’ subconscious. A wider concentration of power works like a venom. The subject is overwhelmed and subsequently experiences a slow process of death. He who has power enters the state of dehumanization by claiming godly attributes. Second aspect of consideration is that, to achieve oneness, one must give up his or her unique self to embrace what is presented of him or her.

Modern social system already asserted by now that implementation of force is a hypocritical denial of possible revolution even if they have succeeded. It’s like feeding a man by force and as reflex dictates, the subject of power ends up with much worse consequence such as vomit. Advances on behavioral studies suddenly steal the highlight of strategic implementation. By ruining the faculties of instinctive right and wrong, the power of influence exploits on variety of mediums to suggestively replace the original foundation. The basis of control is not by ordinance or in the form of lectures. It is rather an illustration of what it is and what it is going to be.

My position on radical ideologies is not about delimiting access to information nor blatantly closing doors to new possibilities. Mankind is an entity housed in a cocoon. The anxious desperation to emerge have caused self destruction due to unpreparedness. I was watching a small insect once who have laboriously trying to come out from the same confinement. I freed it just because I felt the need to. As expected, it died given the underdeveloped physiology unable to manage the external conditions.

There are several questions still bound to be raised, that including how we prepare ourselves from an enormous amount of information we can capitalize on or when singularity of systems can be appropriately achieved without suffering from its havocs.

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