Theory of Social System–How do you exist?

Before I start, I just found out recently that my profile and blog were used as related references to real life Blackwidow among serial killers, assassins and Russian spies. I have no idea how that happened since there’s no solid online marketing strategies employed to promote the blog. People just find me by chance the way I have found some of my fave writers. Going back, I am none of those classifications. I’m just a peaceful, antisocial writer who has eccentric character and ideas. My crimes are philosophically matters of the heart intended to impact a change. This world has endless possibilities that it’s hard to affirm delusions, illusions and real.


Like I always do, my mind drifts away to comprehending irrelevant subjects, if you’re referencing to significant matters in real life. My obsession towards documentaries drives the unwanted neurons. Unwanted neurons explore religion which I hate. But I have to face it anyway for my own personal quest.


So again, my personal conquest is to achieve freedom by knowing oneself and by defining what it means, whether as a unit of a social system or purely in terms of my own existence. I always get that feeling of, (what’s the right word?), being pulled in towards someone’s space. And I do what it takes to cut the cord. The beauty of being alone, as professed by most as a tunnel of painful dark existence, is its ability to create a barricaded state of uncorrupted perception. Although an impermeability to outside influence is ideal and cannot be achieved, the realistic goal is to just regulate it. I do not defy recognized philosophical references adored by academe community. I am made unique by experience and orientation. Relative as it is such, I hate the anxious debates and battles with the intent of reforming or converting. Those who know and have determined who they are, laugh at the ridicule of attempts by many.


Here’s what I think about mankind—they have full potential but limited by ego. Ego tells him that the first of his concern is himself over the others and that the others are expected to be concerned about him. He is the center of the universe which is by default a completely flawed philosophy. To embrace that is to contest the need of others. A conflicting interest is a formula for chaos. The way we are programmed by the social system, also claiming to be an organized modern society, is to feed personal needs as the ultimate purpose. Your needs are strictly provided by the system itself, when it truth, it has always been free.


Purpose for me is to consume life. It’s reasonably not physiologically designed to be sustained eternally. Nurture life so you can sacrifice for others. I know what you’re thinking. Absolutely dumb!


Social system is distinctly divided by the power of influence and the subject of power. One social system coexists with another unique social system. What that means is, a man of power in one system is not recognized as such in another unique system. Theoretically, social system is not a standalone capable community without those who sacrifice. A system will fight another system of unique principle. The lowest of the hierarchy most impacted by the conflict will not survive. So the social system is nothing but a powerless scavenger without the lower hierarchy. Like I said, mankind is innately natured by ego and without an audience, ego cannot exist. The sacrificial ones obviously maintain the balance and keeps the hierarchy in place. I have to tell you that the act of sacrifice is by choice and cannot a be a doing of those weak or helpless. The helpless ones are the subjects and become the victim.


I have probably written and spoken so many times of the impact of experience, which has always been dismissed or taken lightly. Your action and psychology toward another human being is reflected by experience. A series of experience can mold, support or break a solid perception. The differences between good and bad leaders, heroes and villain of society, an egoistic and conscientious scientists/ philosophers, are good and bad experiences. Differences in experiences changes an individual’s perception of morality, presupposing relativity on its basis. The power of influence understands that nature and hence should impose a drafted principle believed as the general basis of morality. Religion strengthens that belief.


So how does faith plays a role in the social system? Those who have faith were molded by experience more than by religion. They are the sacrificial ones that maintain the balance..So society exists because THEY exist. THEY exist because they believe in God.

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  1. you feel a certain gravitation…..

    • lol..a gravitation is nothing but a terminology for an unseen but felt force. There’s no pretty form but everyone falls for it. :p


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