Dating Exposition of the Blackwidow Matchmaker

Get down to the point Lady! Ask what kind of psychotic he is.

Get down to the point Lady! Ask what kind of psychotic he is.

I hate dating, more so online dating. To me, its formula is as boringly structured as sales. Listen, listen listen. Ask, ask, ask. Share, share, share. Then eliminate the bullshits and close it. So my personality is well oriented by a system, which changes through time when new details come along. The goal of the whole process and standards I’ve set is to know behavioral patterns of the other person for matchmaking purposes. Yes, I am a matchmaker with weird rational for psychology. I have to give credit to Dr. Nicolas (my Biochemistry advisor) and Dr. Engle (my physical chemistry professor) who were believers of my unconventional analytical skills. I have been a disappointment to them though for taking notice of their behavior more than their lectures.

I have been researching on 5 personality types to correlate with compatibility tests. Quiet frankly, I have found them irrelevant because each can become inherent in certain percentile by different factors such as age and experience. Let’s just say that humans morph like crazies when stimulated. It seems that this is one of the challenges of relationship or establishing connection. They turn into someone we don’t know.

Now I am a sucker for analogies, that including my Growth Ring theory on perception. In this case, I would like to use rules in balancing chemical equation for matchmaking. (Blame the coffee please!). Every human being represents a pure element, and that I meant as newborn with unique experience. He or she becomes a complex compound through time as a consequence of chemical reaction (which I will refer to as influences of events, or people we’ve connected with).


C does not compliment O or H in the equation. But these compounds balance in this manner,

C5H12 + 😯2 —> 5CO2 + 6H2O

If you noticed, we are configured differently but are related to each other by a common experience. This common denominator is what connects us and sometimes stirs the attraction. So in my state of being right now, Mr. Unknown (with a complementing character developed from personal experience) completes the balance of equation. Through the course of relationship, time or events could change someone’s original conformation to another complex compound. To maintain the balance, one must adhere to the change of another.

What are these complementing behaviors? These are behaviors associated to roles such as leader-follower, dominant-submissive, provider-dependent, etc. You cannot have two traits gearing towards different directions nor that which has no correlation to each other.

So the matchmaking process starts with finding a point of connection, usually relating to a common experience that has produced complementing opposite traits.

I can extend the validity of my assumptions if an outlined scientific method is employed with measurable results and considerable number of test subjects. Raise your virtual hand if you want to volunteer. 🙂

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