Chapter 7–The 13th Man


The Blackwidow

Phone rings as soon as I’m pinned on the bed.

“So what is that this time?” Although it’s a taboo to cross through jealousy department, he’s more settled knowing contemporary details of my dating escapades.

“He’s nobody. Not really something I should be concerned. What did you find out?” I need to force a distraction since disinterest is far from possible.

“Target is positive. Mansion in a small town. But you have to be careful. They control almost everyone by the neck,” He sounds worried at existing predisposition.“Location is strategically positioned within the farm, surrounded by armed security and regular workers.”

“It can’t be that hard,”

“Rumor is, younger women from 12 to 18 year old gather and are housed with parent’s consent in the mansion. That’s to keep them divine and free from worldly influence.”


“You haven’t heard the interesting part yet.” I hear busy keyboard tapping on the background while anxiously briefing, “A local girl believed to be part of the sect was found dead two years ago. Father killed himself days after while mom was anointed to one of priestesses in the group.”

“Send me graphics of target and contacts of the family,” He sighs from exasperation, holding thoughts of my next action.

“You can’t. It’s too risky. They own everyone in the family whether by means of force or loyalty.” I have to cut him off from trying.

“That family–is the only key I have right now. One of them could at least be spiteful more than blinded by faith,” This conversation has to end since I got what I need for now. “Call me tomorrow evening at 8. I have some business after that.”

Head is spinning back to recent unlikely incident. Ughh..He has the sweetest scent I’ve ever breathed among known species of his kind. This sudden intermission is enigmatic, seducing my thoughts to unfamiliar place. Left hand caresses on right palm feeling his warm skin that once burnt me. It lead the other one submitting to beast tormented by unbearable heat. At last, it was teasing the dampened silk. Tell me you feel it. Tell me you’ll die for me. I feel beatened by cold water. Fuck! What am I thinking.. I turn to ipod randomly playing whatever is on. The first time I ever saw your face.. I thought the sun rose in your eyes.. A revival of Matt Cardles rocked the silence. Soon enough, my eyes are finally won over slowly sedated by exhaustion.


I woke up in awe surviving the height of falling. I feel being in two bodies at the same time, one watching the other. I could feel her.. read her thoughts. Her short hair reaching down her jawline is beaming against raging sun, dancing with waves of the wind. Face is covered in blood and eyes as black as her hair. Right leg is bent staggering in repulsion while left stretches out as if preparing to fly. Sifting sword back and forth. Left to right, her head circles in all directions busily shoving away beasts in clanging metals. She’s badly hurt. Black dress that covers up to her neck, wrapped around arms and legs are torn into threads. Despite those fiery eyes warning death, her beauty cannot be denied.

Surrounded by tyranny of armors and wild horses, she knows what she’s up to. Pack is suddenly hypnotized creating a pavement to an authority. His black horse exudes the same dominance hushing mutterings and laughs in the crowd. Lady in black bows her head hiding bearings of consumed strength. He then speaks,

“Surrender so you can be freed from treacherous self. Surrender so you can inherit, with my grace, the life of a queen.” She utters no word, suspended in same position. Only heavy breath polluting silence.

His tone baffles with impatience, “Such a small creature to be proud.,” In one stroke, blade swerves and slits her dress displaying marvels of her thighs. Skin though stained by shades of blood, their eyes widened from desire. Ground shook from loud sadistic roaring.

Her head timidly rises unmoved by his presence, “None of you has power.” Pack is keened by her voice. Her head cocks a bit to confront his eyes. “You have no power. I am sent to enlighten your mindless claims.”

Her wrist twitches readying last burst of her strength. Thunderous growl roams the air thirsting towards one unclaimed soul. She lowers to the ground swiftly whirling her sword. Her right leg stretches out more in one place, flashing in graceful pirouette. One by one, they fell on their knees, legs thrown like boneless cadavers. She turned to the horse, throwing an agitated kick towards her size. She buries the sharpness through its heart, giving her an access to its master. Blood showers stinging from thickness limits her sight. She misses the spot. Time is running before raging souls behind could get to her. She flew landing on one’s head, tip toeing to another while they wander at her speed.

She disappeared among bushes and into the forest swallowed by darkness. Stunned for a moment, the pack jolts into her direction clamoring for flesh.

Watching heads spread in wilderness, she crouches on steep branches while breeze teases her silence. Blood aimlessly soaks black cloth tied on her waist gushing from deep opening. It was too late. A single drop gravitates beyond control. Strolling warrior catches a warm damp on his cheek. He retreats and looks up. His mouth widens with desire.

Fuck! My throat chokes from heavy chest. I know her. Trying to regain consciousness, I sag towards the bathroom drenching my face from coldness of water..

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