Chapter 5–Howling of the Beast


Union With The Beast

The house looks empty for years. I could feel from dusts wading our faces as we try to emerge into unlit space. I’m stricken by the smell of moistened wood reminding how foreign this world is. Elena disappears, sure of her steps while I struggle pondering my hands towards any blockage. Creaky steps are now replaced by a motor running. She must have turned the generator on.

“I inherited this from my father..And then your mother took over the place until she died.” Her voice softens whenever she mentions her. Why would she live in this place? It is an odd position. The trees sheltering unmarked steps. The wiggling bridge made of extended roots separating an era of civilization and that of isolation. Drought tenants of transportation to get anywhere. But Elena seems to know everyone. We never have to wave for transportation. Someone just hypnotically follows without a word nor question as to where..the same way she has lead me here.

“We have to do some cleaning. Take this key.” She untangles one from chained set.”Room on the left.”

There are two more doors following the hallway. Mine resides in the kitchen two steps lower than general floor area. My bedroom is suffocated by not so huge accommodation occupied by bed, closet and a study table. No window. I hurried in to the bathroom to check on my palm. The flaming itch becomes unbearable through time. Must be temperature. It’s hot and humid. There’s only one roof fan to ease it.

Small dark spots have turned into swells. Some elongated and some rounded. What the hell is this? My annoyance is flickered by momentary crawls on my sole. Same dark spots. I wish we were close in the city. Finding a doctor would be a stretch mile by water. I screamed for Elena….

Sundown After Death

I woke up, sun fearing my own shadows. It’s been months. Darkness learns to befriend death. My body being the only witness. Elena routinely comes in bringing food. Hence, they say a basic human necessity. I want to laugh at the thought. Her steps grow heavier everyday. I try to steer away from her stare. She feels no fear. And I wonder how one bears the sight of decaying me. Her eyes are nothing but pain eating away her soul..the way my curse eats mine. Nerves finally cease from involuntary sensitivity. I’m exhausted from long hours of being conscious, motivated by the clinging and swarming of leeches. Motherfucker unknown strains of leeches! Oh how I want to drill this skull and open for burning. They grow maliciously into veins, nourished by the flesh far enough to take its own form. Despite the constant bantering of anger and resentment, I started questioning my end. The worst manifestation of disfigurement and paralysis. Will I bend to a coma until unknown creature consumes physiological remnants? Will I remain conscious witnessing its grievous consumption? Is this going to be a monstrous genetic alteration. The last possibility is chilling. Every second awaits those sweet..sweet..last breath.. My head sways drifting into blindness. Circus tied into a swirling motion. Sundown comes once more while leeches bound into chaos..

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