Equation of Religion, Politics and Science

This illness had struck my sociability again. To someone who is not a fan of recognizing soluble emotions, the mind insists in terms of collective. If you’re guts fail to reconcile why’s, how’s and what’s of your thoughts, you are most likely to end up in a hospital surrounded by unknown faces, contracting your stomach idiocracy. I got my own pills that work solely to my nature and solely that works. I drain my rage and tears until the last drop, diagnose the rationality of such emotions and then compartmentalize priorities. Today, after how many years, I visited a familiar place in my head where Albert Einstein stood.  So I asked, “tell me where I’m at now?” He said, “You’re in the same position. You couldn’t recognize the differences between conflict within self and outside. One must always approach things as if you’re a visitor..” Although I am completely sane to realize it is my own mind who speaks, I have to still commend him for such thoughts. My purpose is absolute. My self is the only obstacle not the situation.

There are distinct humans who use science not as an obstrusion to faith but rather as a plaque of appreciation to human life. The genuity of one’s excellence is based on admittance to limitation.. everything we don’t know is a matter of faith. I have only but disgust and shame towards those souls absorbed by their own power. I didn’t want to write this–a venomous reflection of global system. It is too much of a phrase for someone who wakes up for work routinely, spending minimal time with family and allotting forced vacation against your supervisor’s will. I happen to be an ascendants of sociopathic genes who wander at the vastness of  life. I started as a kid obsessively sitting on the roof to watch the stars.

I hate to be associated among lunatics prospectively after the fame in capitalization of nobility. But I have to question anyway–what’s the relationship among church, science and politics. Obviously, the motive is independent and at some point might conflict each other. The church should consistently stand behind one “truth” to avoid dismantling of branches. Hence, the unanimous conviction of its assembly. Through time, it has funded independent advocates of science to gather data for validation. You have to understand that testimony should be maliciously filtered for the greatness of faith.  The government should maintain order despite some uncontrollable deviations in expected human response. Given that condition, force should be implemented. Scientists are puppets tooled to reinforce the other two motives. The situation is, scientists cannot work without resources. But again, lamenting with human flaws, they can be driven by their own greed and gear away rather from specified directives. So instead of altering DNA sequence to cure cancer, they were synthesizing the key to rebirth humans.

You could imagine the pounding of blood running through my physiologic while writing this.  My breath is craving to fathom the anonymity of cigarettes close to running out. Should I continue writing this? Should I stay with my cryptic ideology? Should I just switch to emotional party of feminism?.. Fuck it! I ditched all my commitments the past few days because of  unsettled feelings. I need a smoke to continue..

Now this is not a blunt correlation of existing condition but the  coincidental publicity is seemingly a matter of interest. It is odd that meteor fall in Russia went unnoticed or unannounced given the known investment on astronomical monitoring and research. The call for 3 hour difference on asteroid drawing close to earth might have been worst than theatrical dilemma of Independence Day. Not to mention the resignation of the Pope. My empirical presumptions I hope is just another satiric contemplations of my humor. Whatever is the truth, I believe in nothing else but my faith. We are fools to think that our understanding can go beyond the static universe. Real knowledge comes from humbling facts of human inadequacy. You, I, they, he or she is never a power. Your ability is only relevant within limited variables.

Hereon, my agony rests on what I’m called for..

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