A Real Life Story..

She lit the last candle, preparing the heart to seeing gates of clouds. Tonight was different. Gush of heat trembles every inch of her soul. She read the songs of heaven, whispering intent in between silence. She prayed for more strength, fighting what had cursed her for months.
“Who am I? What do I live for? Why did I come to death?..” questions she has longed to mutter, retaliated with unknown feelings. “I know now what I must do. I have known for a long time..” Although it is realized that she does not own any of what she has now, her thoughts kept going back to the same mutterings. “Who am I?”
When she took the first few steps after what seemed to be an endless suffering, she had lost the concept of life.. the gratitude of self. Her strength recovering to an immeasurable pace started painting scars of her illness. No one would notice. But she knows it is still within her, waiting to speak of her end.
While the candle cries its last flame, a wing reveals itself marveling at flying.. Then slowly falling from its roots. She picked it up and kept it in her pocket. A token to remember that night.
She was running the next few weeks. Taken by Blackwidow’s rage. She broke the oath..killing every soul that gets in the way of her purpose. She’s a potent creature who does not recognize exhaustion nor pain. In darkness, she has felt silence once again and has thought about the token. It was lost in its place..nowhere to be found like inexistence. Was it a dream? Did she really touch it? Was she dismembered from reality? And so the search for one wing became an obsession. There was nothing but this poem by an author named Howard Scott,

The Tale of One Winged Angel

I am a One Winged Angel,

Not human, nor divine.

It is difficult to walk through this world

With one foot in the air, the other on the ground.

With effort my thoughts touch the clouds,

With humanity they come back down.

My flights have taught me of the Lord

And of his will for men,

Yet I cannot know the entire truth,

I am but a One Winged Angel.

A One Winged Angel am I,

Both fallen and free.

I can endure falls many men cannot,

Yet no blow leaves me unmarked.

With but one wing in the world to soar,

I am pelted by the sins of man,

And though I have more of which to hide with,

My wing is not meant for the caves of sinners.

I cannot escape all of life’s trials, sins, and pain,

I am but a One Winged Angel.

An Angel is meant to freely do Gods will; I am but a One Winged Angel…

An Angel is meant to know truth and show it; I am but a One Winged Angel…

An Angel is meant to be free of the sins of man; I am but a One Winged Angel…

An Angel is not meant to fail but I am a One Winged Angel…

I will rejoice in the day my struggle between Heaven and Earth will end,

The day when God sends death to return to me my second wing…

And so begins the tale…

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