Myth of 40 Something..

I met a 40 something year old woman which I’ve become obsessed with the past few weeks.. well not in a lesbian kind of way but as a manipulative thwart, loathing her whimsical sense of fairy tale. I’m such a bad ass bitch..but to tell you honestly, my noble intentions are far better than those annoyed souls who had become tolerant of her ways.

On my first day of work, I was my usual self around strangers–a watcher who is not allowed to tell much. The key to being a sociable, got-no-problem-with-your-ass person is to learn people’s resistance and at the same time, appreciate the show they’re putting on. From there, you could assess what and what’s not to give. This woman though is like a wimping clown  (I’m not the only one guilty of such perspective), transparent in and out. So she began an interesting story about her married boyfriend, whom she got pregnant with (had a miscarriage though after few months), and was eventually left on her own. That was like 10 years ago by the way. I didn’t know this would be a routinary tell tales of her life. In my head, I knew I had to do something. In my head, I was completely synthesizing a voodoo make over (well it does take a voodoo magic to do it). Now I realized why she never got somebody she buddies up with at work. Ok.. she got me now with few other friends I made. Lucky her! Except that as an offering, her time is spent living my daily sarcasm.

Her uncanny fate is really nothing special. She made it. I feel like she’s loving it too. Who wouldn’t if you’ve ran out of drama, while everybody has moved on. This is the first time I’ve seen someone stuck in the 80’s. No husband. No kids. Just a pathetic hope that the married dude (who’s out of the country by the way) still wants her back.

Recently though, she’s been making changes. I liked it because she’s starting to get a feel of my lectures only pendejo’s would follow. Her case is an isolated one so it might just work. When I told her to come out of her shell, she came to work the next day wearing a prostitute cougar outfit. Good news is, an initial effort was executed. That’s a fuckin’ big step right there. Not that my succulent deep cutting bitch syndrome takes over me again, but the gay community had laid their judgement.

So instead of focusing on writing about blackwidow’s narcissistic “The 13th Man,” (you see,I’m aware of my habit sometimes), she stole the spotlight for my upcoming story “Myth of 40 something. ” And what’s with the fuckin’ numbers. I don’t know…just my head randomly creating coincidence. Now let me tell you about a comic paradigm of 40 something woman who hated blackwidow’s wits.. a ridiculous twist changing her fate.

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