Chapter 2-Uncovering the Unknown

After series of prelude, which is unusually prolonged for a purpose, the story began when Tony Starks Character asked the Blackwidow for a date. I consider him and me as villains, whose actions are preconditioned based on unique psychosocial orientation.  We live on our own code, which is really, a truth of the matter, developed skills of manipulation. It was agreed to be weekend, after days work. My phone rang as soon as I got off the building,

“Hello,” casual enough to sound like this is nothing but a common date.

“Hey, it’s Matt. I’ve been waiting for almost an hour. Got bunch of girls here waiting to take your place. Told them I’m waiting for someone special though,” Nicely put but tone seems a little annoyed.

So I said, “Great! Tell them to keep you preoccupied for another hour.” Followed by a sarcastic laugh to piss him off more. You are an impatient one.

More surprised, he blurted out, “Oh, come on Trey.. you know I’ve been waiting for days to take you out.” Now that sounds better. “Fair enough. Then I’m on my way sir.”

He was wearing a casual black shirt and jeans to pair it. Hair looked shorter than when I first met him, maybe waxed to obsessively fix it in place. I was wearing dotted-print, knee length dress, with hair brushed down falling on bare shoulders. He looked impress, watching intently as I take the seat across him. First that caught my attention was his sunglasses on. Not a good sign.

There are certain implications for sunglasses worn when you’re on a date. Whatever is the reason, you can’t trust the intentions. Eyes are good communicators. So blocking it with an accessory gives you an advantage to assess the other party before letting out a character fit to a role. I can assume hundreds of  logical motivations for doing so; he probably has not gotten enough sleep, a consequence of being workaholic,  for crying the whole night trying to get over an ex, or maybe obsessing about this date. When sunglasses are taken off after a few minutes, the guy could only be characterized as an expert Evaluator. Few minutes is sufficient time to max out the potential in determining strategies for dominating the conversation.

He started with a question, “So how’s work?”

Paused a little, then replied, “Well, the usual.. Making calls, managing accounts, making sure I’m on track to meet my monthly revenue goals. And you?” Giving him back the favor for asking.

“It was ok. Still working on organizing the team for tech support and drafting their specific functions.” It was quiet for a few seconds but tried to make up by asking another one,

“ Tell me about you.” I smiled with awkwardness. I’ve heard this on an interview before. “ I work in sales which you already know… write on my spare time..uhm,” thinking of what else to say without giving out too much. “hang out a lot with friends on weekend but prefer to be by myself.” Following the rules of engagement in sales practices, I asked him the same.

“I like to stay in my myself too than go out. Just read books..occasionally hang out with my buddies back home…” He tries to be the good guy.

On dates, although it’s a rule not to, my fascination for breaking the normal stuff drove the conversation about his past women. Most men usually get away with being married or being with someone by using you-didn’t-ask-me as an excuse. So I started, “Are you married? Girlfriend?” He laughed frantically and so I tried to back it up, “What?…there’s’ nothing wrong with that. I just want to be clear about where this is going.. like if we’d friends.. or maybe if situation gets out of hand, sleep together.. or whatever.. like, I just want to know how complicated you are.” That didn’t sound good. Was I too blunt? Defensive? But whatever.. just need to get over it..

He finally composed himself from the ridicule of question, “Ok, so I’m definitely not married..was never married but open to it. Last girlfriend was a year ago.” I definitely want to break you. Perfection is not possible. “Tell me about the ex’s. Why did you break up?”

He looked gagged at that point but went on telling stories that need recognition from Humanitarian Organization. There was nothing peculiar but I listened hard, careful not to ask questions further details. Eagerness is a symptom of taking too much interest.

Past relationships are great pieces to figure out a man’s character. Their preferences are like dignified signatures reflecting needs and patterned tendencies, which also determines your future outcome if engagement step up to next level. I have yet to unpuzzle him, requiring more work for me.

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