The Bully Is Not A Bull But A Monkey

To occassionaly distract oneself from over indulging with my only behalf (tootsie the latop), I’d have to say that exploring my reach beyond actual interaction is a promising experience. The only tools I needed in this pursuit is a rugged tip tapping contraption and an internet connection. So what have I been up to the past few months…I have met few more fascinating creatures to add in my portfolio. One that gathered most of my attention is the “Bully” from the woods. As it has been titled and proclaimed, the bully is not a bull but a monkey. The bull rages out of uncontrolled emotions stirred by one particular stimulus. The bully plays fool of himself because he is his own enemy. Given that proposition, the monkey himself was caged in a controlled environment for observation.

The blackwidow is a living memoir of her own vast distinction for wildness. The only specification though of her collection is distinction. She picks and keeps every specimen that deserves a throne in known classification..the lion, the wolf..the owl.. the monkey.. while the average ones are thrown in the bin, ripped apart by other unknown creatures. The monkey crossed my path few years ago, only it was let go unnoticed. Now within grasps, the blackwidow lured him in a perfect position–a lucid catch for my taste. Now let’s start by naming some of its characteristics; He is an authority with passion towards taking control. He is capable and by all means will execute power. He has despicable pleasure over inducing pain and control on someone he cannot handle. A handsome noble, hall of famer, or lovable creature he may have been among his spectators, the blackwidow resisted his si-se-puede prowess schemes. It is this nature that drowned him from seeing and acknowledging
respect to others.

Let me detail how vermins of this kind betrayed himself from unstifled nature,

On the phone conversation with a VP,
“Check your email and we’ll go over the pricing for your proposal.” He said casually. And so I did.

He continued, “You’d see the pricing for this — significantly increased by 10 percent.”  There was a short pause after.

“This is their main product. I need this to be lower than their existing cost.” I exclaimed loud, hoping to send the signals much closer to his tight skull.
He sighed knowing that this is going to be another spark of usual argument, “You know why we can’t do that. What did I tell you about price volatility..” It was a question that demands a verbatim answer he had me repeated over 10 times before.

In the end though, my goal before the conversation even started was achieved by giving him what he wants. He has unspeakable weakness for my begging (since it barely happens in all meeting occassions). Before the call ended, he asked where the flowers on my desk came from. I (with the not-so-innocent-tone) told him that it was none of his business.

If we’re going to superimpose the situation, his bullying (which could go far as belittling the character) intends to kick one off guard the feisty nature. The monkey, given his title, who has desires for somebody, fights his own weakness by opposing emotions with sarcastic behavior to avoid transparency. But how do you know if his behavior is not a reflection of just annoyance but rather a cowering attempt to hide compassion. He does great things for her.. which he may, at some point deliberately express to show power. His tricks may not be romantically attractive enough, the underlying intention though is enthralling–and that is to become her knight in shining armor.  Sadly, not an ideal setting the blackwidow fantasizes about. For her, he can only go as far as the man who tickles her back.

Note: There are some details not specified to hide familiarity from known followers. Also, the question mark in my keyboard is not working, so bear with the questions unmarked.

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