The Bachelor Principle

Poured those pre-packed noodles in the bowl, enough to soak with just amount of water for good-enough-cook. I’m one of those who believe in the power of Microwave oven.. Seconds passed and saw my own thoughts through the dim light slightly grilling. I’ve been trying to keep hands from writing this insolent mind the past few days. I can’t indulge yet. But we are who we are and like I’ve always professed, No one can change me.. at least at this moment. What’s bothering is the unknown feeling or force, (whatever you may call it), holding the urge. While that resounding puta mala flaca music busies my mind, meal is almost ready.. ready for hungering soul.

So, next of my conquest is the bachelor. The bachelor principle was tolerated by society for centuries, recognized and now, being celebrated out of profit returns. It has become a demand. Lining of prestigious genes of vagina was a necessity to continue a heritage.. to pass on the family’s dignified persona. Beyond the chemical of science that reasoned the purpose, there’s pride. The king, prince, herald associates of society—all are potential sponsors among anxious uterus.. who would play the bad witch to win the prize.

Like morning rituals, preconception always starts with definition to set boundaries and limits for discussion. I’m saving you from making assumptions, the same way some of mine have become brutaly a pain and pure accusations. The bachelor is a gem in terms of practical considerations.. fascinating genes imprinted on those clueless virgin souls, financial stability, center of envious single and sometimes married circles.. These are glories of being with one. Heart-melting smile, brain of use to society, power and authority, built that makes you spend a whole day in the shower, that rolex and bulging areas (with an exception of tumors you’re unaware of).Those qualities give them the privilege. And as it always has been, humans tend to irresponsibly overuse privileges. It’s just fair, out of a-matter-of-life-in-its-fullest, to be critical when it comes to choosing a partner. But when you use it at the expense of hurting people, then what it makes you is a regular puta dressed in fancy suit. Of course it’s ok to make out or sleep with potentials. After all, in dating industry, there’s always a free trial. But its not ok to proclaim you-could-be-the-one script to keep those candidates under your thumb.  This is the part where women lose their independence..the sane part of consciousness. Even with unfathomed skills of drawing best of women’s population, you have to be aware that he’s still a man..contradict to superpower god you’ve imagined in dreams. And as such, their rules could be generalized from nature.

As discussed from previous articles, man lives with his wild nature genetically embarked. In wildness reality, he claims ownership to every conquest. You give him less and he’d want more. You give him more and he’d want less. What it means is that he wants control. He’d go crazy without it. My suggestion is definitely not synonymous to playing hard to get Woman. I want you to follow own will as opposed to his demands. Difficult as it may seem to be under charm spells, your wit tells what is just and reasonable.  Let me tell you how the bachelor would initially react to it–deep warm unknown sensation. It’s mixed emotions far from learned logic. He’s loving the challenge..he’s hating the chase.. He’ll fuck or date another woman the same day to revive the battered ego. But then he’d continue the chase. The bachelor will not and cannot accept defeat.

Now the next step is to put more focus and time on you. Appreciate but do not indulge. In case you don’t know, he has not dropped those extracurriculars. Again, don’t go easy on those flowers, opera exclusively singing for you, sweet candies of promises and shit some of his creative ideas are intended for. There are only two probabilities for end results—he proposes or he gives up. Don’t feel bad or regret over his loss. You’re definitely in his list of couldn’t-get-over. That I can assure you.

The blackwidow believes in women’s mounting potential and abhors anything that limits it. You are your own and shouldn’t be part of someone’s games or gamble. Among those that men underestimate, there’s the skill for intuition. Use it. Not to submit to selfish desires but to implement what’s fair and just. This is why feminity has always been the subject of most sculpted representation of justice system.

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