The Art of Slow Dancing-as Choreographed by Men

I don’t believe in courtship. Although normally, an article shouldn’t start with a negative statement and since the idea has in no correlation with the main subject, I still want to blurt it out. Maybe because it prolongs the process where all the initial engagement lead to, which is dating.

It’s compelling to know that people had become fanatics of the whole idea of searching, they’ve even socially termed the human need. So where does that brings us to–social sites swarmed by pretentious freaks, and then the hypocrite rules of acceptable behavior to impress your date, which by the way  loses the logical basis for interaction. I’d love to question though the intentions for dating but who the fuck cares. I’m here to state the obvious that often goes unnoticed.. fascinated by passive analogies.. well at least to my standards. While I swore to devote this for the benefit of women, I’d be focusing on the basic grouping of men, based on my never-ending social experiment. You’re probably wondering how I managed to derive such distinction. I am the blackwidow.  My brain, if you were to superimpose it, is but a shitload of chip that internally memorizes paradigm  words and behavior, which to me is essential in reflecting a man’s intentions. A new guy that comes along is screened through any inherent characteristics, classifying him along the process. As far as their distinct dating behavior, I could formulate thousand ways of animating an analogy but I prefer to associate such (in my most weird ways) as rhythmic styles, limiting their classification to left-foot guy and my source of amusement, the slow dancer.

A sales manager guy told me once, who’d been very successful with business prospecting and account management, that dating is ruled by 2 basic movements— 2 steps moving forward and then a step backward. That make sense.. only it had become lame. So this is our average guy who crams on his food until it spoils like a 10-day old salmon.  His ways are predictable as that song played since the time phonograph started tickling the old market. He draws the cards as soon as you meet his anxious eyes by chance. But behind those let-me-treat-you-like-a-princess moves and idiotic helpless ways making him a good laugh among your friends, you should take caution in that preorientation. So he starts by approaching you driven by one goal—to get your number for the next acquaintance.  The time frame you have to expect as far as taking that desperate call from him is just about within 24 hours, which is either as soon as you get home, or after fucking his brains out on whether he’s done it right. The chasing part ends when nature of woman prevails, giving in to his agitated cock. Two possible scenarios for this quest—he disappears after sex or officially claims ownership.  The struggle with this guy is the difficulty of implementing any sort of test to determine his intention. The initial stage is way too great that he wouldn’t slip any chance of transparency. But you have to realize that he randomly chooses you anywhere he gets the opportunity and given a reasonable amount of time, will find another random ass to take your place or adds up to his collection. By the time he had come to that another quest, you’ve already attached yourself to a solid assumption that he’s worth giving everything you have. The point I’m taking here is that this man has higher probability to submitting to his urge.

Now with slow dancer, the struggle comes in the initial stage. His conscious dating behavior reflects how valuable and in demand his presence is in the market. The chase comes to him, reason why he does his own prescreening, looking for what he calls the real thing. Like sales, the first few seconds of making an impression counts or you’ll hear his see-you-around routine. The key is to never care which pretty much works the same way as the ever famous reverse psychology. If he lets you go the moment after let-me-see-what-you-got small talk, the only consolation you got here is saving you time for further lost. Once you made it far to giving your number, this guy will take at most a week, just enough to not be forgotten, to give you call (a common gesture from, just as he claims it, a very important person). The first date predetermines the probability for the extent of engagement. One significant note you have to remember is that you CANNOT let him subject you to his stages of pretests. Do not be afraid to say feisty remarks , or show how freak and lame you are. This man is either looking for a challenge or at rampage to experiencing anything uncommon as imperfection, since this barely happens in his world. Now before an idea sparks in that head of yours, realize that there’s a big difference between a personality and being difficult. So whatever you’re scheming to do with big crush of yours would definitely not work.

I’m not a keeper nor an expert at keeping someone which is why I have strong convictions at raising  points on maintaining distance. The ultimate goal is definitely not this but rather a safety measure to making sure you’re falling into right place. The point of being impervious to any of their actions though is really senseless. I wouldn’t suggest too that you inhibit yourself from enjoying the whole process of interaction. The rule is to be mindful that half of the brain should control speculation of anything more or equal to their behavior. Reveal and give only 30% of your becoming. Save the remainder to be reminded of who you are.

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  1. I like this blog very much so much wonderful info.

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     /  January 4, 2012

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  3. Intriguing article and I must say has given me a thought to study… I wonder where I fall in the category of men? Thank you for provoking the thoughts and sharing this post… I am certainly not either of these types yet wonder where I may fall. At times in my life I suppose I have been a little of both examples at times in my life and thus I learn and grow.

    • It’s not really to limit men to that classification but note their distinct dating behavior. I’m glad to hear your stand point on this article.

  4. TalullahDoesTheHula

     /  December 26, 2011

    I, somehow, remembered the ever famous “three-day window”. So as not to repulse or make us think that they’re too effin’ clingy.

    Hahahahaha. This made me laugh – with tears on the side.


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