Unloading Baggage of Mr. Balls

I’ve been working on an article for the past days which is a bit of a challenge, given that I have to question my sworn principles. But then the growing need of married women caught my attention more, that I have to put my own struggles aside.  I understand the commitment of marriage, which comes with swallowing (besides their eager manhood), the consequence of untamed urges to cheat. And although I have stressed that there’s no stopping to it, marriage as written by law and faith will be as it is no matter how much I raged to write how it should be dealt with in feministic perspective. So the question now is not about whether they’ll do it but when they will and what to do if that happens.

My pessimism towards men is a product shared from innate influences (which I don’t need to expound on) and that of mount full experiences as seen, heard and felt. I am unlucky to point commonalities of men’s behavior coming from two roles I’ve been, the mistress and the official woman. I am only meaning to limit the discussion on married men because you have to realize that their complete make up is significantly different from the unmarried ones. This is evident on their state of mind and bounded situations. As such, their limitations brought in an evolution of a variety of scheming lunatics, driving housewives, even career women to madhouse.

You could imagine the severity of paranoia to women’s psychological state hearing ridiculous stories of their pursuit. The bad news is– the old tricks don’t work anymore. Spying becomes a natural activity usually after an instinct hits the subconscious mind. This is a manifestation to certain stimulus as sudden changes on man’s routine—the late nights, engaging too much on emails and celphones, the too-nice gesture, etc. Extremes ones you’re probably familiar with include unexpected visits at work, following husband’s whereabouts, calling every single contact in his phonebook tagged with weird names. These lead to only two things, summing up to either annoyance or too much security, giving them enough reasons to put in more efforts exploring their extracurriculars. Some might have heard these.. but husbands grab every opportunity to buy time and the most likely place, where wives are off limits, is the workplace. This is the sacred dungeon which gives them suffice time and means to satisfying their impeccable needs. Sincere apology to friends who had contributed to this knowledge. In case you haven’t noticed why their phones had never been accessible to women, he manages to change simcards on phone and use signal as an excuse in case you try to reach him.. sometimes uses a plausible and reasonable overtime that gives him the privilege to stay longer than their usual shift hours, and eventually, play the role of taken-for-granted husband while being nagged at after an exhausting, stressful day at work.  You have to give credit too on fascinating email and chat accessories that had long been tools for fornication. It’s amazing though, that beyond all these impressive skills, the ways of a wife never fails to cease.

Now the next stage is an affirmation of his biggest mistake. And common scenario is to turn all the energy  against the other woman. Not that I forsake the other party or show remorse towards her. You have to remember that the one who should assume responsibility for betrayal is the one who took an oath before your marriage. The mistress is here is just an empty-brain lad taking the bait of his fancy words. Fact is, stopping her won’t stop him. You’ll laugh knowing that this might have worked for you.. confronting the mistress, thinking that humiliation, as a consequence of his actions would put everything in order.. avenging the pain is nothing but a moment he’d given you as a favor. In few days time, he’ll try to win her back, feeling more sentiments than ever. That’s the bitter truth.

So where is this whole point going.

You have to cut the balls. And I don’t mean lurking in bed with that knife as soon as he gets home woman! You have to cut his security. That’s where all the shit in his balls are coming from. Men are like kids. And before that pride and immeasurable regards on natural needs, they value and live through that security. If you were with him for years to know much, then there’s no one in better position to figure it out but you. This is where the Blackwidow rests.. and that of the remaining..

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  1. Very interesting points you have observed, appreciate it for putting up.

  2. Dump his ass and take his money! That is the security you and his wallet…An interesting post for me to read thank you for sharing your thoughts and words expressed so nicely! I have not personally been in that position yet I have many unscrupulous friends and at times feel like sharing their truths. They end up paying in the end, the wife’s cheat out of revenge and that is just like confronting the Mistress temporary relief usually resulting their own grief. A true kick in the Balls is taking their money and finding another man! Very humiliating and grounding for most of the men I know that have been caught!

    • It was an awkward position for me, given that some of the details are entrusted stories shared by some closest guy friends. I appreciate your honesty and greatly respect your concern for women. 🙂


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