The Fake O’s and Ahh’s of Women

There are innumerable stories heard from the bragging mouths of men about how they can arch our backs and juice the fruits of our sweating sheets. But the truth has to come out, not to blow their clamoring ego but for the sake of resurrecting the needs of women most often denied.  And I know I’d be getting head shakes from most, but dissecting women’s head is like changing the turns of how rules of sexual engagement are oriented in society, (pretty much more in Philippine setting).

One of my homosexual best friend told me once that you have to do it the way a man does to achieve it.  While this has nothing to do with having multiple partners since I discourage such for the purpose of familiarity. It was rather meant to gear away from hypothalamus and explore the act of visualization. From the moment an urge has been initiated, the power of a man’s mind travels in the porn romantic world, where roles are portrayed in semantic ways. All what it takes is a little stimulus to spark that revolting blood spirited inside… soft skin, sweet scent, legs waiting to be bend and tilt, those behind sculpting from the eager dress.. are material pieces to a budding visualization, not of a romantic walk in the park, or kissing scenes under a shady adamant tree.. but to a whore dressed in a catwoman tight-leather-fit costume, waiting to be dominated in bed. This is definitely not a bad thing. This is their gift. The reason why they finish… there are moments of exception, when real hearts are concerned, BUT that rarely happens. The whole point is, women have to come out of that conventional zone and use that taken-for-granted gift. So, the next question is how?

This happens most of the time. When women engage in sex, they are more preoccupied by the thought of  what his kisses meant, if he has touched anyone night before this, what –if-he-gets-me-pregnant-would-he-take-me-to-his-mom shit, such and such.. In other words, we are a hollow pit of emotions which is why (and I’ve heard it 90 percent of the time), we don’t have sex without being emotionally involved. And that’s absolutely great! There is perfectly nothing wrong with that because exclusivity leads to familiar grounds of expectations. Believe me, first sex is most of the time not great. Mistakes followed by an open communication on how it should work can perfect sex. Now the idea is to focus on picturing your own sense of ideal setting. Let’s just say, and I’m not saying you should do it, create a great bed view, with a perfect man doing the best position, while you’re having sex with him.

Now the second thing is to know you’re shit. If you’re able to satisfy yourself without him, besides being the master of golden fingers, then you’re good too at implementing the major tools which is–all that he has and able to do. It would take a lot of frustrations and practice but the wait is going to be worthwhile.

This is the Blackwidow, creating a better world for women.

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  1. Oh lord, where to begin. When it comes to sex, most men can’t see past the tip of their erection. And when the little admiral fires his cannon, he feels the deed is done, and time to move on to other things. Too often women are too shy to show a man what they need and what they want. My solution is better communication, and more practice.

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    • thanks for taking time to read.. will have new topic comin out this weekend.. please dont hesitate to post in your own articles or feedback. would love to hear..

  3. absolutely not.. greatly appreciated.. will have another article coming out this weekend..

  4. I added your site as a link I hope you don’t mind….

  5. The story is revealing and its point is of truth. I do however wish t express and communicate your needs may frustrate many yet worth the wait so to speak for that one that inspires you to communicate your needs… My or perhaps his golden fingers will bring far more pleasure to both rather than the limits of satisfaction and the lack of fulfillment given by just yours. Have you ever taken the time to show your lover your “G” spot? Some may find it through having a true desire to please a woman others may find it if you take the time to show them.If they are unwilling to learn find one that chooses to be a better man! Change and enlightenment does wonders for both men and women.Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and adding depth as well as another perspective to my heart.

  6. Spoken like a true woman who has gained so much wisdom from her own experiences.. Congratulations on your blog site. 2 thumbs up


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